The Process

Products with added value

From our production facilities in the Netherlands and Poland, we serve our customers at home and abroad on a daily basis. Service, speed, flexibility and quality together form the unity that makes us what we are: a reliable and sustainable supplier for all your (peeled) onions.

Snebo Sorting

Our onions are sorted daily by size and quality and prepared for processing.

Snebo Agronomy

Each year, Snebo and a selected group of onion growers in the Netherlands and Poland process +/- 1,200 hectares of onion.

Snebo Processing

Every day our onions are peeled and cut in our modern high-care production facilities.

Snebo Storage

Thanks to the storage space adapted to both raw and freshly cut onion, we are extremely flexible in supplying our customers with the desired products.

Snebo Packaging

Our modern production lines and packaging systems make it possible to deliver our fresh onion products in almost all possible packaging according to customer requirements. The range of packaging sizes is very wide, from 25 g bags to 1000 kg big bags, boxes and paloxes.

Snebo Cool & Freeze

Our fresh onion products are safely stored for transport thanks to storage spaces equipped with cooling and freezing systems.

Snebo Aftercare

The use of the unique Track & Trace system in our production network enables us to carefully manage the entire network. In this way, production lines remain short and freshness is always guaranteed.

Snebo Logistics

Every day we travel +/- 10,000 km throughout Europe to transport our fresh onion products directly to customers, as in the best conditions. We guarantee a fast, safe and timely delivery.